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Club constitution for Caversham park Aquanauts (CPA).


1. The Club shall be called Caversham Park Aquanauts, hereinafter referred to as "the Club".


2. The objects of the Club shall be:

To provide facilities, equipment and instruction to train members in the sport of underwater swimming.

To organise expeditions to enable said members to use underwater swimming equipment safely and correctly.

To organise social and ancillary functions for members, associate members and their guests.


There shall be two classes of membership:

3. Full membership for which persons of the age of 18 years and more shall be eligible.
Associate membership for which persons of the age of 16 and over shall be eligible, but which shall not entitle such a member to participate in diving activities, or to take part or vote at the Club’s General Meetings. Associate members may be represented on the Social and Fund Raising

4. Group members shall be such persons who shall apply to the Club Committee, be accepted by unanimous vote of the full Committee and have paid the appropriate subscription fee. Associate Membership will be automatically extended to the partners of Full Members and their children who are of the required age. Associate Members may not stand for election to the Committee.

5. A register of Members will be maintained by the Secretary.

6. The subscription fee will include "Public Liability and Member to Member Insurance Policy".

7. The Club and its Officers are not to be held liable for negligence or any other default or otherwise compensate any Member or guest of a Member for any loss or injury sustained whilst taking part in any activity of the Club.

8. The Club Committee is authorised to suspend or expel Members by unanimous vote for contravention of the Club Rules as set out in the Club Handbook. The Committee shall be the sole judge in matters of expulsion and no Member so expelled will have the right of action against the Committee or any of its members.

9. The Diving Officer has authority to enforce Rules relative to diving matters and is empowered to immediately suspend Members for disobeying or disregarding his or her Instructions.

10. The Training Officer has authority to enforce Rules relative to pool training and is empowered to suspend Members for conduct in contravention of Club Rules.

11. At the next meeting of the Club Committee following a Member’s suspension, the Committee will decide whether to withdraw or extend the suspension, or to expel the Member from the Club forthwith. The Member concerned will have the right to a hearing at that meeting.

12. Members who, for any reason, leave the Club will have no rights or claim to any of the Club’s assets.

13. The total number of Full Members in the Club shall not be explicitly limited.

General Meetings

14. An Annual General Meeting of the Club will be held in November of each year. Due notice of this meeting shall be given not less than 14 days prior to such a meeting.

15. The business of this meeting shall be to consider the Annual Reports of the Officers and the Accounts and Balance Sheet; to elect officers for the ensuing year; and to transact any other business which may be printed on the Agenda or at the Chairman’s discretion.

16. An Extraordinary General Meeting of the Club may be called by the Committee or by an application to the Chairman signed by not less than five Full Members. An Extraordinary General Meeting must be called within one month of such an application being made, the object of the meeting must be specified and only such business be discussed. Notice of such a meeting must be given to the membership 14 days prior to the date of the meeting.

17. All Full Members shall be entitled to attend General Meetings and have one vote. A decision or election by the General Meeting shall be by a majority vote after the proposal for decision or candidate for election has been seconded. In the event of a tied vote the Chairman shall have a casting vote.

18. The quorum for a General Meeting shall be not less than twelve of the Members.

19 The Chairman or his deputy shall be responsible for the conduct of all General Meetings and shall decide the procedure to be followed.


20. The Club shall be managed by a Committee, the members of which shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. The elected Committee shall consist of: Chairman Diving Officer Secretary Training Officer Assistant Training Officer Treasurer Equipment Officer Assistant Equipment Officer Social Secretary

21. Any Full Member may stand for election to the Committee, except in the case of Diving Officer, Training Officer and Equipment Officer, where only Members who in the opinion of the outgoing Committee have sufficient diving experience may stand.

22. Nominations for Committee shall only be for one post per Member and must be seconded by another Member.

23. Members of the Committee must retire annually at the date of the Annual General Meeting. Retiring Members have equal rights to be nominated and re-elected to the Committee in the same or a different post.

24. If more than one nomination is made for a Committee office an election for that office shall be held at the Annual General Meeting.

25. The Committee shall meet not less than once every calendar month. Any member of the Committee being absent without reasonable excuse for three successive Committee Meetings will be deemed to have resigned from the Committee. The business of these meetings shall be to receive reports from the Officers and discuss the General running of the Club, to approve expenditure and make such decisions as may be necessary for the organisation and conduct of the Club.

26. Any member of the Committee may be removed from office at any time by a unanimous vote of the remainder of the Committee.

27. Any member of the Committee may resign from office by writing to the Chairman. Such resignation to take effect from the next Committee meeting.

28. Any vacancy occurring on the Committee may be filled by the Committee co-opting a suitable replacement; such replacement shall have the same rights and duties as if he or she were originally elected to that office.

29. The Committee shall have the power to make any Rules necessary for the proper running of the Club, provided such Rules are not in contravention of this Constitution.

30. The minutes of each meeting shall be recorded and circulated to all Committee members. The minutes of the last meeting shall be read and approved and signed by the Chairman before any other business is considered. A copy of all minutes as approved and signed shall be kept by the Secretary.

31. A quorum for any Committee meeting shall be four members.


32. In order to assist the Committee with specific tasks, Groups of Members shall be formed to administer "Diving and Training", "Social and Fund Raising" or any specific project requiring exceptional help. Each Group shall be managed by it’s own officers having a Chairman and Secretary and not less than two other officers.

33. At least one of these officers shall be a full Committee member who will be responsible for liaison with the Committee.

34. The Diving and Training Group shall consist of only Full Members, the Social and Fund Raising Group shall comprise of both Full and Associate Members. Minutes of their meetings shall be kept and their decisions regarding expenditure approved by the Committee.


35. The Financial Year of the Club shall run from the first day of January to the last day of December the following year.

36. The Balance Sheet and Accounts of the Club funds for the financial year end immediately preceding the Annual General Meeting must be available to all Full Members at the Annual General Meeting.

37. The Committee may make payment from the Club funds or by arranging loans, for the day-to-day running of the Club and for the purchase of new equipment up to a limit of £1000.00 per item. Expenditure or loans in excess of this figure must be authorised by a General Meeting of the Club.

38. All financial arrangements or decisions made by the Treasurer must be endorsed by one other member of the Committee.

39. All payments to be made to Members of the Club for technical or professional services which would otherwise necessitate the Club employing an outside contractor, must be agreed by the Committee in advance of such expenditure.

40. The Club shall reimburse out of pocket expenses incurred by any member in the conduct of the affairs of the Club as a result of the direction of the Committee.

41. The Committee shall consider applications for financial sponsorship from Club Funds, for Members who wish to attend training courses organised by National bodies. Such courses must be recognised to be of benefit to the Club as a whole.


42. Minutes and Accounts of the Club shall be available for inspection by any member subject to adequate notice of inspection being given to the Secretary and/or Treasurer.

43. If there should be any ambiguity or difference of opinion concerning the meaning or interpretation of any Rule, Minute or Account, reference shall be made to the next Committee meeting where a decision will be made. The Committee’s decision will be final and binding on all parties concerned.


44. No activity or event shall be organised in the name of Caversham Park Aquanauts unless prior approval is of the Committee is given.

45. No obligation or commitment shall be entered into in the name of the Club except with the prior approval of the Committee.

46. Any social event organised by the Club shall be open in the first instance equally to all Members of the Club and thereafter to their guests.

47. Any matter for which specific provision is not made in this Constitution or in Club Rules shall be decided by the Committee.

48. No alteration or addition to this Constitution shall be made save at a General Meeting of which 14 days notice must be given to all Members.

49. A proposal for the dissolution of the Club shall be decided by a 75% majority of the total membership at that time. Should such a proposal be carried, the assets of the Club shall be realised, and all sums of money accrued – together with Club Funds – shall be used to pay all outstanding debts; and the Club dissolved. Any surplus monies remaining thereafter shall be divided equally amongst only those full members of the Club who, at the time of the vote in favour of dissolution, are on record as having paid subscriptions for the current membership year up to that time.


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