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Links and Reference Sites

Please feel free to e-mail other links which you feel may be appropriate here. Categories - skip down to...

Weather, Want-ads, Diving information, Electronic communities,
Organisations & agencies, Other clubs, Dive shops, Web shopping, Training services,
Suppliers, Dive Tourism, Magazines, Exhibitions, Fun, Software/file downloads

Mike Harrisons excellent towing cost calculator can be downloaded here:

Recommended sites selection

Weather for diving : Windfinder.com

Shopping : Slough Scuba, Simply ScubaSDS WatersportsMike's WW

Ref. info : Sportszine UK, SubaquaWreck descriptions

Directories : 3Routes Worldwide, 3Routes Britain

Want-ads : UK Diving ads, SAA (see ads)RIBs for Sale

To open and use the booking forms on this page you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is FREE. Please click the link to download.

Full listing

Weather & Tides (back to categories)

Windfinder.com - Winds, tides, wave heights and more
Weymouth weather - uniquely long range 10 day outlook from Weather.com
Met Office Central Southern: rolling 3-day maps and summaries
Inshore Waters Forecast today: Very brief summary of conditions by area today (but only useful if you're setting out late)
Shipping Forecast today: As read out on BBC Radio 4

Moon Phase Calculator : Great monthly calendar showing phases of the moon for any month/year - helps judge springs/neaps on given dates (tip - look at URL convention to see how to go straight to a given month/year)
Advocacy weather: huge range of links but mostly in USA

Want-ads (back to categories)

Boat Mart: Comprehensive UK boats&bits sales/info site - includes buying guides, news, events, links, features...
Inflatable Boat Network
RIBs for Sale: RIB Magazine's sales database. Good listings but only updated every 2-3 months.
RIBs4Sale and HotRIBs: More RIB want ad sites.
UK diving: 2nd hand kit for sale: dozens of small ads evey week for all sorts of diving gear - great place to buy/sell, see kit wanted too.

Diving Information/Portals (back to categories)

3Routes Worldwide SCUBA Diving Directory: Stunningly comprehensive directory listings for scuba operations all over the world
3Routes Britain: How to contact most of the shops and operators you've heard of and a few you probably haven't -- brilliant one-stop-shop links to suppliers
Andy Carrington's Dorset Underwater: Nice site with descriptions & photos of many of Dorset's most popular dive sites
Deep Sea Directory: includes dive shops and charter boats mostly Weymouth & West Bay at present

Dive In - dive sites
Diver's Datalog
Dive Pembrokeshire: Useful descriptions of dive sites in the Pembroke area
Dive Shows: Web site didicated to telling you all about upcoming dive shows

Knots - animated: a neat scouts web page showing animations of how to tie knots.  See also Realknots.com: undreds of links to show you how to tie all manner of knots.
MarineData internet
OceanLink: Lots of info about the marine world
Subaqua: Greg Roach's handy reference site for UK divers

Scuba Diving Explained: Lawrence Martin, M.D.
Scubadiving.com: training info (CARE: NOT SAA MATERIAL )
Sportszine UK - Scuba Search: Good range of links and access to reference info with a uk bias - good reference source
The Rebreather web site

Electronic Communities (back to categories)

Clubs UK - Homepage
Darryl's Scuba Services
Diver Down!: Diving Forum
Excite People & Chat Scuba
The Scuba Ring: A linked loop of hundreds of dive related websites all over the world.
UK Diving - The Diver's Resource: The long standing and very useful reference source for UK divers including and interactive map ofthe UK showing dive sites.
Yahoo! Clubs - UK Diving Club: A Yahoo hosted virtual club for uk divers -  lots of neat facilities but sadly little used.
SAA: Read/contribute to the Sub Aqua Association's scuba forums.

Diving Organisations & related Agencies (back to categories)

Organisations for which I cannot find a web site have their phone numbers listed instead.

ADU: Archaeological Diving Unit
Advisory Committee on Historic Wreck Sites: tel 0171 211 6360
ANDI: American Nitrox Divers Inc.
BSoUP: British Society of Underwater Photographers, tel 0181 668 8168
BMIF: British Marine Industries Federation
BSAC: British Sub-Aqua Club
Cave Diving Group of Great Britain
CFT(Comhairle Fo-Thuinn):  Irish Underwater Council
CMAS: Confederation Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques (a.k.a. World Diving/Underwater Federation)
Coastguard: aka MCA (web site TBA)

Coral Cay Conservation
DAN: Divers Alert Network
DEMA: Dive Equipment and Marketing Association

DDRC: Diving Diseases Research Centre (hyperbaric medical centre)
English Heritage
Environment Agency, Thames Region (formerly NRA): tel 0118 953 5000
Historical Diving Society: aims to preserve heritage, informative site
IANTD: International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers
Landmark Trust: trustees for all bookings on Lundy island - link is direct to Lundy page of their website.
Met. Office: UK Meteorological Centre
MCA: Maritime and Coastguard Agency (web siteTBA)
MCS: Marine Conservation Society
MSA: Maritime Safety Agency (do a "find" within the linked page), or tel: 01689 890 400
Marine Technology Directorate (web site TBA)
NAUI: National Association of Underwater Instructors
NAS: Nautical Archaeology Society (new URL)

National Lottery of the UK

PADI: Professional Association of Diving Instructors
Professional Boatmans Association: very useful and informative site
RA: Radiocommunications Agency, tel Wyndham House: 020 7211 0211
Receiver of Wreck (just a descriptive page), tel 01703 329 474
Resuscitation Council (UK): tel 0171 388 4678
RLSS: Royal Life Saving Society, tel 01527 853 943
RNLI: Royal National Lifeboat Institute
Royal Navy Submarine Museum: plenty of info on the museum
RYA: Royal Yachting Association
SAA: the Sub Aqua Association - ace website with reference info, contacts, news, articles, and a scuba forum for public debate.

Scottish Sports Council: Caledonia House, South Gyle, Edinburgh, EH12 9DQ, tel: 0131 317 7200
SSAC: Scottish Sub-Aqua Club
SSI: Scuba Schools International
Thames Valley Police Underwater Search Unit, 0118 953 6780
TDI: Technical Diving International (www.tdiusa.com?)
UK Hydrographic Office: Admiralty charts and the like
War memorials: a site that lists (or soon will) wrecks classed as war memorials that should not be entered or tampered with
WASAC: Welsh Association of Sub-Aqua Clubs
Welsh Sports Council: National Sports Centre, Sophia Gardens, Cardiff

Other clubs (back to categories)

AquaWorld - PADI club site fairly interesting but low on useful info
Berkshire Buddies BSAC: have their own hardboat - wonder who tows?
Demon Technical SAA 666 
Hastings SAC SAA 44:  cool wrecks map and database for wrecks in SE England
High Wycombe Sub-Aqua Club: large BSAC club
Kingston BSAC
Meadurst Sub Aqua Club
Newbury SAC: nicely designed website of one of our neighbours - note new URL.
Reading University BSAC
Reef Scuba: UK PADI based club with diverse activities.
Rother Diving Club
Slough SAC: go to southern region clubs on the SAA website
White Rose Dolphins: Large number of links and dive jargon dictionary

Dive Shops (back to categories)

Slough Scuba - The store for all your Scuba and Snorkelling needs! Call 01628 666833
Bear Divers - Scuba cybershop & courses
Berks Dive Crew, Bracknell
Blandford Sub-Aqua, Watford (www.divernet.com/blandford?)
Croxley Divers, Herts
Day's Diversified Services (formerly Day's Fire Protection) no web: tel 01792 579 777
Maidenhead, Eton and Windsor SAC - very active local BSAC lot

Mikes Waterfront Warehouse, Chiswick - the price reference in the south
Ocean Leisure, London
Orca Dive Centre, London
Portland Oceaneering, right opposite Budgies on Portland, good prices, varied stock. E-mail dive@portlando.demon.co.uk
Reading Dive
SDS Watersports, Sheffield - cheap & helpful

Web-Shopping (back to categories)

Chartsales - books, charts, flag including v.cheap "cancelled" charts @ £2.50
eWetstuits: order your wet-suit on-line
Fins Direct: low-price web shopping by credit card
Mikes Waterfront Warehouse: mail order too
RIBs4Sale: online RIBs and Engines, new and used
SDS Watersports: compare prices - they're good
Simply Scuba: online dive store

Training Services (back to categories)

Fathom & Blues: training operation with big fast RIB

Manufacturers, Dive centres & Charters (back to categories)

AP Valves / Buddy

Dacor Scuba Equipment - recently changed home page address
Dive Rite
Hardboat/Skippers for Charter
Inflatable Boat Specialists - Deals

Blue Turtle Dive Charters - Reef and wreck diving in Lyme Bay. email: doug@blueturtle.uk.com
Call to book: 07970 856822
JBC Charters
Michelle Mary charters: gimmicky site with music etc
Nationwide Boat Sales
New Dawn Dive Centre, Woking based operation that runs a superb dive boat round western Isle of Wight
PBA boat charter page: great list of hardboats for charter, fast access, map based
Ribcraft Online: fulldetails and spec of their range of RIBs
Robin Hood Watersports
Top Cat charter: simple poster type web page for Weymouth based catamaran dive boat
Undersea Adventures: shop, school, hols, dive site info photos, nice site
White Horse Charters: Diving Charters to Normandy, Brittany, Weymouth and South West
Wight Wreck Charter: includes useful summary of good dive sites round IoW

Dive Tourism (back to categories)

A1 Tourism, Hotel & Guest House Directory - listing all over Britain for B&B and Hotels - handy reference for occasional travel
Alchemy Diving - Oban, Mull, Lorne
Anglesey on Cirrus
Berkshire Dive Crew
Boococks B&B - handy for Mountbatten Dive Centre, Plymouth, and caters for divers, JohnM@jboocock.freeserve.co.uk 
Crusader Travel
Crystal Seas Scuba (nitrox & tech diving in Menorca)
Dive Guide International
Diving & Caravans in Argyll, Scotland
Diving Komodo on the Evening Star II
Diving World: Miss Nouran operators and more
GTC: Scuba Diving and Eco Tours to Belize and Latin America
Indo-Pacific Divers
Ireland with Omagh SAC
Kingfisher: specialise in Thailand
Lundy Island: official web site for the island, see also Lundy Island - saqnet
Maltaqua: Diving in Malta
Nielson: Part of Thomas Cook/JMC, dedicated diving brochure featuring Sharm El Sheikh, Grenada in the Caribbean, Bitez and an all inclusive Dive Gulet in Turkey, also offer scuba diving courses.
Parcangrouse: Handy B&B on the Lizard near St. Keverne
Red Sea Divers
Regal Diving
Scapa Scuba
Scottish Diving
Skellig Aquatics Dive Centre - SW Ireland
Stormdrift: Scapa Flow
Tony BackHurst: red sea liveaboards
Trek & Dive (e-mail) - Borneo, Indonesia, Australia...
Trans Niugini Tours: Tour info for Papua New Guinea
Undersea: Penzance operator with special Basking Shark watch trips
West Dorset District Council: general tourism info in Dorset
Whitehorse: Normandy liveaboard wreck expeditions
Wraysbury Lake: Handy training lake near Heathrow airport

Magazines (back to categories)

"Aquanaut" - Upstart online diving magazine (not the real thing :-)
Aqua: Monthly magazine for PADI members
Asian Diver: On-line version of the scuba diving mag for the Asia Pacific region
Boats for Sale: Has searchable database of new & used boats
Deeper Blue
Deep Tech: Technical Diving online forum, classy graphics
Dive Girl
HotRibs: Online internet magazine and RIB club
Inflatable Boats
MBY Motor Boat & Yachting
Practical Boat Owner: magazine for general boating with on-line expert advice
RIB International: Has searchable database of new & used boats
Scuba Times Online
ScubaWorld Online: Overseas version - not the UK magazine
Undercurrent Online: "USA based online Scuba Magazine for the Serious Diver Reviews Scuba Diving Resorts and Dive Gear"

Exhibitions (back to categories)


Fun (back to categories)
@quatic dreams: scuba diving photo albums
DIY plans: how to build your own personal submarine, camera housings, and Remotely Operated Vehicles!
Jim Tedder: Cute personal home page with music
Multi-Map: not specifically for diving but a brilliant interactive atlas of Great Britain - try it out.
Paul Yancey's Deep-Sea Pages
Shark Cam: Discovery Online live pictures from Waikiki Aquarium

Software & Download Files (back to categories)

Windows PC

AutoTide: Tide calculator & tide table generator - comprehensive European ports data
Dive Data: Scuba Club Records Management currently BS-AC only, but DiveData2000 includes SAA/PADI etc. too
Dive Voyager: desktop decompression system
ReefNet Software: Dive Log and Fish ID Software available on CD ROM
Voyager Software: desktop decompression planner program
Deco Planner: GUE mixed gas dive planning tool - very techy

Palm Pilot All of the following programs (not files) can be tracked down through the excellent Eurocool Palm Pilot web site.   Keep an eye on the EuroCool latest applications too.
Walt Bilofsky's brilliant freeware Tide Tool for the PalmPilot
Alex Garza's Moon Phase Program - great for approximating springs/neaps
Brad Goodman's amusing freeware SoftGPS program
Ken Hancock's Dive Log program - currently free in beta version
GUE DPlan: The excellent mixed gas dive planner for palm
Why not keep the news/diary/dive space pages from this website synchronised into your PalmPilot using the neat AvantGo website mirror (download freeware)

Communities : SAA (forum), UK DivingNext 5 ScubaRing sites


CPA at Narvik 2011
Paul Hopcraft's pictures from our recent expedition to dive the Black Watch, U-711 and Dronning Maud.
New photo Gallery on Flickr!

Also... See the CPA Norway 2011 video! Click Here

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